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Easy to Learn

Just tell ChatGPT what you want to update, and let it work its magic!

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Nothing to code, just tell ChatGPT which color scheme you would like to use.

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Elegant and consistent adaptive spacings and typography on all devices.

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Shipped with two beautiful color modes, automatically enabled according to the user preference.


See how easy it is to build a website with ChatGPT

Personal Page

A starter website, just for you

Social Link Page

A website to showcase your social links

Product Page

A page like this one, to promote a product

Why ChatGPT is the best way to build your website

Our GPT-powered website builder is minimal, fast, and maintainable.

  • Most popular website builders are bulky, overkill and hard to customize without hyper-overriding styles.
  • No need to think about the design. Let ChatGPT customize pre-designed templates.
  • Just pick a template, and supply your content. ChatGPT will figure it out!

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